Abe began playing ultimate, as many people did, at summer camp.  His first organized competitive ultimate was for NYU’s Purple Haze in their inaugural seasons.  After moving to Israel, Abe searched out the local ultimate scene and has been deeply involved ever since.  He helped found Haifa’s Hucking Crazy club team, which ten years later is one of the most stable and long lasting teams in the country.  He has worked and volunteered with the Israeli Flying Disc Association running tournaments and leagues, and has been one of the coaches for the Israeli Youth National Ultimate Teams since 2011.

Abe has been involved with Ultimate Peace since the beginning in 2009, and wouldn’t dream of having it any other way.  He has seen first hand as the Year Round Program grew from sporadic coaching clinics to a full fledged program with regular practices and events.  Abe has taken on many roles at Camp and in the Year Round Program over the years including: Assistant coach, LIT leader, Tournament Director, Head Coach, Web Developer, Database Developer, Journalist, and many more.

Abe truly believes in the mission of UP, and feels grateful for the opportunity to interact with and get to know such a diverse group of people through the activities of UP.  He has had the opportunity to coach with and learn from Hall-of-Famers and Callahan winners, national and inter-national champions at different levels from around the world as well as the tremendous youth leaders in the LIT program.  He is very proud to be connected to the amazing young leaders who have come up through the organization’s leadership training program, developing from eager young players to mature confident community leaders.

Abe currently lives in Nazareth Ilit in an Urban Kibbutz, and when not involved in disc related activities he works in database development and building web apps.