I started playing Ultimate with the university team of my hometown, Geneva, when I began my medical studies. I wanted to try a team and fun sport for the first time (no time any more for competition and socializing). But I didn’t know I was stepping in a huge community full with tournaments every week-end! And then it started; hats, fun tournaments, pick ups, more and more friends over the world, high level competition, coaching, helping developing the club and the sport. No need to say that I became addicted! Not only with the thrill of the action but also with the Spirit Of The Game (SOTG) that makes this sport so special and beautiful (self-referee and respect). Ultimate frisbee is more than juste a sport. It’s a worldwide community, made by the spirit of the game, where smile and respect prevails all the time with your opponents on the field and then friends off the fields. I learnt a lot while practicing, traveling, and being part of big championships. Now I want to share and teach those incredible experiences.