Ultimate Peace Will Return Soon…

Fury Ultimate

Fury Ultimate

From the San Francisco Bay Area, Fury is a team built on the principles of dedication, teamwork, accountability and respect for our opponents and the game we love. Since its inception in 1997, Fury has won the USA Ultimate National Championship nine times and has earned the honor to represent the U.S. at seven World Championships. Led by coach Matty Tsang and Idris Nolan, we have developed a tradition of excellence in preparation, competition and spirit of the game. Over the years, Fury has been comprised of a diverse group of women, but everyone has shared a common goal: to excel at the sport we love, together.

Fury is fundraising to become an Ulti-Mate because we believe so much in the power of ultimate and the principles of Ultimate Peace – friendship, fun, mutual respect, non-violence, and integrity – to change lives. Many of us have honed our ability to connect and empathize by playing and practicing Spirit of the Game. Our opponents regularly become some of our best friends.

Many of our players have seen the power of Ultimate Peace’s programs at work in communities in the Middle East and in Medellin, Colombia, by coaching at youth camps, and we hope to help UP’s connections grow. We encourage our alumni and friends to watch this video for a glimpse of what Peace looks like:

The young people we met through coaching also became dear parts of our family and have taught us so much. We know that being an Ulti-Mate Team helps UP reach more players and helps Fury stay connected to our UP family. Thank you for considering a donation!