Luka Faradsch

In 2008 Luka first fell in love with the flying plastic during a semester abroad in Colorado. Her host family got her addicted to the sport immediately and with a growing Ultimate community in Germany she was lucky enough to continue playing when she returned to her home country. Since then she has played in different teams and tournaments all over the world. In Germany, she coached her university team, participated in national championships and has played various tournaments in Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. While traveling and living abroad she also got the chance to play with teams from South and North America. Volunteering for Ultimate Peace is the best opportunity for her to pass on the positive influence the sport has had on her life to kids from the Middle East. As a huge supporter of SOTG she identifies with every aspect of Ultimate Peace, on and off the field. When she is not chasing plastic, Luka is a student of Psychology in Germany. As a returning assistant coach, she is eager to promote Ultimate at UP and offer Middle Eastern youth a life-changing experience.