Rachel Winner

Rachel started playing ultimate in 2005 when she joined the Dickinson College Jive Turkeys as a freshman. She captained her senior year and dabbled in international play in Argentina, Brazil, China and Mexico. She played mid-level club in Tennessee and North Carolina and capped her competitive career with Cahoots from Asheville, NC before moving to the Middle East for a change of scenery. She joined UP as a volunteer in 2014 and as a staff member in 2015. She is the director of the Leaders-in-Training Program, a coach in the year-round program, a member of the UP Camp leadership team, and works in other capacities for the organization’s development. Some of her favorite UP moments have included running the UP Friendship Tour for 4 years, bonding with junior staff over campfires & beach ultimate as they become part of the UP professional network, and joining an Arab-Israeli, Jewish-Israeli & Palestinian team of LIT alumni to a tournament in Jordan a few years back.