Ultimate Peace Will Return Soon…

Events: Board of Directors

  • Jordanna Polis Schutz

  • Heather Ann Brauer

    Heather Ann Brauer

    Much of Heather Ann’s passion lies in coaching and she has never had a more powerful coaching experience than at Camp UP in 2016.  She was so inspired by the campers, LITs, coaches, and staff at UP – it was remarkable to share and to learn from an incredible and diverse group of people.  Moments […]

  • Dennis Karlinsky

    Dennis Karlinsky

    Dennis lives and works in the Emerald City (Seattle). He caught the college Ultimate bug as a freshman at UC Santa Cruz (go Banana Slugs!), joining a team that went on to win the College National Championship. Dennis has been fortunate to be part of exciting teams like Double Happiness, Jam, Sockeye, Throwback, and GTB; […]

  • Brian Murphy

    Brian Murphy

    Brian began playing ultimate in the 1970’s and, now in his mid-60’s, he has played more or less continuously ever since. Brian has played, coached and organized ultimate at every level, from local youth leagues to world championships. As an attorney, he helped to incorporate the Ultimate Players Association (now USAU), along with a host […]

  • Barbara Wilson