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Leadership, Fun, and Interaction

Leadership, Fun, and Interaction

Most interaction between LITs and Coaches happens at one of these specific events: community practices, quarterly tournaments, and camp. We had a rare treat this past weekend when UP hosted a joint coaches meeting and LIT weekend with almost a dozen coaches and more than 40 LITs gathered in one place at the same time!

The coaches joined all three LIT years to develop a practice plan and run a drill on the field. Simple as it sounds, the effort required skilled facilitation from the coaches, practice management skills from the third years, understanding of a drill’s many components from second years, and active listening plus demonstration of first years.

Two third-year LITs then led everyone through a Hat Tournament! Spirits were high despite the cold temperatures. (These same LITs will also lead the UP-wide Hat Tournament at the end of this month!)

LIT Coaches LectureAfter a predictable dinner all together (pizza), long-time UP coach and local tour guide Jeremy led an indoor activity, again mixing LIT years with each other and mentor coaches. Our “Dream Machine” game engaged groups in high energy team-building exercises and discussion of the five values of Ultimate Peace. Participants built connections between the five values that we talk about in the context of Ultimate Peace and their lives outside of this unique environment.

As we are about a third of the way through our year, this event was an important milestone. LIT Program Director Rachel Winner says about the meeting, “It was really powerful, and I think we are getting better and stronger every meeting and every month.”

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