Ultimate Peace Will Return Soon…

The Adventure Begins

The Adventure Begins

Today marked the beginning of the sixth Ultimate Peace camp in the Middle East.  At lunch time, an excited coaching staff welcomed over 180 players from more than 15 communities to our camp.

After checking in and stowing their suitcases in their dorm rooms, everyone gathered to mingle and throw discs while other players checked in.  Once everyone was settled, coaches found their teams, and players were given their team colored jerseys.  The entire camp filed into the gym for a welcoming from Camp Director (and UP Founder) David Barkan.  CITs and staff helped introduce the Five Values, (Integrity, Mutual Respect, Non-Violence, Friendship and Fun) the theme for camp this year, (Creating Something Beautiful Together) some basic health and safety rules, and a CIT led cheer.

Everyone took a quick survey as part of a larger evaluation project on the impact of the Ultimate Peace program, and they will take a similar one at the end of camp to see how they and their views may have changed.

Each team then went their own way, and the real business of camp got underway.  Teams played name games, and got to know each other.  They came up with team names, painted team flags and came up with team cheers to sing throughout the week.

The entire camp is settling in to the routine, and gearing up for the long week ahead.  We all know it is going to be a special week, but it is exciting not knowing exactly how it will play out.

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