Ultimate Peace Will Return Soon…

Two Weeks Until Camp!

Two Weeks Until Camp!

With just over two weeks until campers start arriving for the 2015 edition of Camp UP, staff and volunteers are hard at work.

The camp schedule, which must take into account two parallel groups of campers moving around the same campus, is coming along.  It is a beautiful rainbow of meals, practice and rest times, swimming, free choice activities and evening activities.

Some staff are busy collecting camper forms and entering them into the new UP database.  Other staff are hard at work dividing the campers and staff into teams. (and into dormitory rooms)  Still others are preparing staff orientation and coaching manuals.  While others are coordinating the ever so important coffee situation.  (French presses of different sizes, and beans from all over the world)

Coaches are finishing up their fundraising efforts, and all reports look like this has been one of our better years.  Players have finished up their school year, and are resting up.  CITs are in their final preparations to take on new and exciting tasks.

If you are not able to be at camp this year, keep up with the latest and greatest from Camp UP 2015, check in on this website as well as on our Facebook page.

If you are going to be at camp: We’ll see you in two weeks!!

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