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What Are The CITs Up To?

What Are The CITs Up To?

This past weekend the Middle Eastern CITs met for the day outside Tel Aviv.   All three CIT groups were there working separately and together.  After some peer led bonding, Rachel and Sarah led the 1st Year CITs through conversations about their personal goals for the year, and how they can use their personal strengths and their friends to achieve them.  They did such a good job that there was plenty of time at the end of the day for some field time, including drills and a scrimmage!

The 2nd Year CITs, led by recent CIT Graduates Raz and Ali, jumped right into things by talking about the upcoming CIT Friendship Tour.  Karym talked some logistics, then Raz and Ali showed them what a UP Panel feels like.  They fielded questions from the crowd like seasoned pros – they are very excited to be able to share their UP experiences with others.

The 3rd Year group got a chance to sit with Karym and Abe for a long feedback session.  Everything was covered, from last years tour and program, to this past camp and the first half of this years program.  They then learned more about the plan for the rest of the year, and then split up between the 1st and 2nd Year groups for the afternoon to help lead and share their experience.

You can always find more great pictures of our activities on the Ultimate Peace Flickr Page.