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Meet A CIT: Mais

Meet A CIT: Mais

Mais is a 3rd year CIT from the Arab Israeli Town of Daburia, just next to Nazareth in the North of the country.  She is in the 11th grade and before learning about ultimate, she played (and still plays) basketball.  One of her basketball coaches invited their whole team to Ultimate Peace Camp one summer, and she fell in love with it, and has been a part of UP ever since.

Mais join the CIT program to get to see behind the curtain of how the organization works.  She had a breakthrough experience during her first summer as a CIT.  Her team, the Pink Penguins, were a shy group of girls and Mais couldn’t imagine how she could bring them together.  When a coach lead the team in a partner throwing drill, Mais was pleasantly surprised at how quickly and easily the team began communicating and working together.

Mais want to continue to have UP be a part of her life even after she graduates from the CIT program and from High School.

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