Ultimate Peace Will Return Soon…

Tag: Camp 2016

  • Returning Home a Better Person

    Camp Ultimate Peace has ended after months of fundraising, a week with campers, and multiple days spent in transit. I am currently on the flip side of the largest adventure I have ever been on. Sure, I’ve had only 16 years of adventures, but I can’t imagine Camp UP ever leaving the top of my […]

  • Are you there, Ultimate Peace? It’s me, Michael

    Someone once told me that some relationships are just weird: ultimate and the people who play it for instance. Ultimate takes the health of our knees, our backs, and our bank accounts. But sometimes takes us halfway around the world to chase great adventures! As I write this I am sharing the beautiful campus of […]

  • Different Stories, One Narrative

    I decided today that I was going to spend time this week talking to campers, finding out some of their favorite camp moments to write about and to use as a springboard to discuss the larger themes emerging from those moments. It took me all of maybe two minutes of interacting with staff after coming […]

  • Monologues from Stu

    Returner Stu Downs reflects on the first day back at it, thinking about seeing faces both new and old, and embracing the love and commitment we share here at Ultimate Peace. Celebration and reconnection. Reconnection – what does it mean? To an aging has-been like me, it’s a refreshment of energy instilled by the idealism […]

  • If I Throw a Disc from a Mountaintop

    A disc goes up into the air, and nobody sees the end of its flight. Does it land? I’ve recently been thinking about the relationship between trust and control. I like to think (perhaps those who know me will tell a different story) that I have a positive relationship with control. Sometimes it tries to […]