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  • Reflections from a Visiting Coach

    When I arrived in Tel Aviv in October, I thought the following three months would play out like this: classes, internship, research, some new casual friends, and an anecdote or two about what I would be studying – “conflict in the Middle East.” It seemed like a typical semester abroad. But that’s not what I […]

  • Teachable Moments

    This past weekend, I played in a fun one day hat tournament.  There were grizzled veterans and fresh faced newbies, players who have been chasing plastic for 20+ years playing alongside some who have been for fewer than 20 days. These tournaments can bring out some of the best and worst in Ultimate players.  So […]

  • In The End, Winning On And Off The Field

    This past Saturday, UP held it’s season ending event: UP Games.  Teams from UP communities from across the region came together at a field in suburban Tel Aviv for a day of game.  Players played as community teams against other communities.  This marked the end of a packed year where a dozen different communities had […]

  • Defining Truth

    Today’s lesson is to try to define truth. The peace-makers often say “my truth” and “your truth,” but can truth also be objective? Depends on who you talk to (or whether you choose to talk at all)… I have crossed the Wall. (Kind of like in Stardust, except sans Robert De Niro in a tutu.) […]

  • Coaching the Principle of Nonviolence in a Violent World

    Its 1:00 in the morning and thoughts of Ultimate Peace practice are keeping me awake. Namely, how does UP introduce and coach the principle of nonviolence with the burgeoning team in Bethlehem, West Bank (pictured below in their first practice of 2014).