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175 Grams

I had the words a few minutes ago. I sit down to write, though, and I realize they’re fleeting. My mind goes back and forth, wanting to write and share, and then wanting to close my eyes until sleep takes me. But I’m going to write. They’re mere words, and while they’ll never be enough, they help me express in the best way that I can the memories I share with Sarah. I find myself telling friends about her, smiling through tears as I recount how she was the first one running onto the field after a spectacular catch by one of our campers, the time she half-carried me off the field due to a cramp, the chocolate-spitting contest that occurred late one night. Continue reading

Kicking Off the Year in Tamra

We’ve had nearly everything so far this year canceling practices aside from rain. We’ve had holidays, municipal elections, missing buses, unavailable coaches.

I’ve been looking forward to the back-to-back practices for the two teams in Tamra ever since it became clear that I would be going there on a regular basis this year. Nothing against any of the other communities we work with, of course.
In the excitement I made sure I had plenty of time to get to Tamra. I over estimated a bit – I arrived a the field a full 40 minutes before practice. At least I wasn’t late… I got some all important time on a game app I had coincidentally downloaded earlier in the day.

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