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Sarah VanWagenen

Sarah VW Making SpaceMany days lately – and many to come – have sadness because of the suffering, and now passing, of Sarah VanWagenen.

One comfort in these days of sadness, and the days to come, is having had the gladness of her life.

In Ultimate Peace, as in life, we open ourselves up to sport and to people. We simultaneously open ourselves to the gladness of relationships – and the sadness. UP Mentor Coach Rachel Winner recently blogged about creating, seeing, and using space.

This metaphor fits well Sarah’s impact on Ultimate Peace, on her community in the Middle East, and on the greater world.

– Sarah created so much happy space that scores of young people rushed to fill it (in Tamra, Jericho, and many other places). People wanted to be around her.
– Sarah seemed to bring space with her everywhere – people felt welcomed, loved, and appreciated near her.
– Sarah used her space on this planet with wisdom and care.

Please join Sarah’s family, the Ultimate Peace community, and others, in acknowledging and celebrating her life.

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  1. Beautifully written. Thanks you for sharing. Already missing you Sarah. Love, Remy

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