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  • The Last Night of Camp

    UP Coach Dani Glass shares more of her thoughts on what she’s learned at Camp Ultimate Peace. He was 12, I was 17. He was dark-skinned and I light-skinned, he spoke no English and I no Arabic. But none of that mattered; we were just two people. So began a description of my experiences with […]

  • The Moments We Live For

    UP Coach Dani Glass talks about a day at Training Camp 2013. Weve only just finished Day 3 of camp, but already the days are beginning to blur together in a whirlwind of practice, activities, personalities, and languages. The sun and our long hours has gotten to me and I am falling asleep while writing […]

  • Plan an Ultimate Camp, Add Campers, Magic Ensues

    Coach Dani Glass reflects on a packed and successful first day of Ultimate Peace Training Camp 2013. The sounds of Galaxy Quest and evening free time out at the fields is just barely drowned out by the noise of that glorious air-conditioner above my head. After an evening of teaching and running Frisbee Knockout, it […]

  • Building Culture, Building Friendships

    Preparation for UP Training Camp has reached a fever pitch with campers due to arrive in mere hours. Folks around the campus are scurrying about, taking care of last minute tasks and getting ready to welcome the busses as they roll in through the gate. And there is excitement in the air, the anticipation of […]

  • Ultimate Peace Training Camp 2013: First Impressions from a First-Time Coach

    Preparation Day #1 is in the books, and the UP staff, coaches, and CITs have spent an amazing day getting ready to welcome the buses of campers on Tuesday morning. We were interested in getting the perspective of a first-time UP coach, so these initial impressions come from Joey Shapiro. To be honest, I didn’t […]