Ultimate Peace Will Return Soon…

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  • Summer Camp Beginnings

    Dani Glass writes about the ins and outs of getting Ultimate Peace’s summer camp up and started.

  • The Big Day

    Elliot Blumberg writes about disappearing anxieties and the excitement of meeting campers for the first time.

  • Peace Fighters

    UP Coach Dani Glass writes in about how UP has changed her, and her faith in how UP campers will change the world. Its late, as usual. But Ive always said that my only decent writing comes after 2:00 in the morning. I know Im not going to be able to sleep, perhaps because of […]

  • Awaiting the Big Day

    Elliot Blumberg writes about the anticipation he and others feel for camp to start. July the fourth brings a sense of pride and satisfaction for many Americans . It’s a day for fireworks, cookouts and contemplating the conquests of those gallant Americans who came before us.

  • Reflections On Training Camp

    Long-time Ultimate player and UP coach Jim Levine talks about his post-training camp experience. Following a recuperative post-camp day of rafting with other coaches, Elijah and I boarded a 7:15 train from Akko to Tel Aviv. As is now our Israel train custom we took out a deck of cards and started with a few […]