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2015 CIT Friendship Tour

2015 CIT Friendship Tour

Every year, Coaches in Training travel to the USA for the Friendship Tour. We are excited to announce that the Friendship Tour 2015 will take place March 24th to April 4th and visit Atlanta, GA, and Washington, DC! We hope to see you and your friends along the way!

During their two-week stretch, twenty CITs will visit with hundreds of youths and adults at schools, synagogues, mosques, community centers, private homes, universities, and with the media. These and other discussions will focus on who the CITs are, what they have found in Ultimate Peace, and why they are visiting the USA. The CITs will also compete in High School Terminus, a major youth ultimate tournament, as a united UP team called “MashUP.” CITs will stay with local families, and visit important US sites.

Ultimate Peace is a volunteer led organization funded primarily by donations.  In addition to the CITs sharing their stories and raising awareness about Ultimate Peace, the Friendship Tour is an opportunity for donors and potential donors to meet face to face with these young leaders.

The Youth Leadership page has more information on the CIT program and the tour.  If you have questions, or suggestions and support, please get in contact.