Finishing The Year In Style

by | May 25, 2015

This past Saturday, over one hundred players from across the region came together at the field in Daburiya for Ultimate Peace’s final event of the year. With players from more than 10 communities coming together, many camp friends were reunited and even more new friendships were created.

As players arrived, they were greeted by an enthusiastic staff made up of the usual volunteer coaches and CITs. With each event this season, CITs have taken on larger and more varied roles. At this event, first year CITs took on the role of team captains, leading their teams from the field. Second year CITs tried their hand at coaching teams along with the coaches, while third year CITs took on administrative roles organizing the day.

PlayThe players were divided into four mixed teams in each of two divisions, a younger and an older division. As happens more often than not, coaches and CITs alike were pleasantly surprised by the level of play. Players who have only been playing for a couple of months held their own.

CITsAfter two rounds of games, everyone was ready for a lunch break… and MORE ultimate. One one field, the coaches took on all comers from the younger division. Five coaches vs 25 preteens was a blast for everyone. On the other field, CITs took on players from the older division. This game was highlighted by some nice teamwork, and some really nice layouts.

Relaxing Between GamesA concluding round of games included two undefeated teams in the older division facing off. After the games concluded, a group picture was taken and team awards and spirit awards were handed out.  Everyone gathered for some final words and thank yous, and headed off to their buses home.

See you all at camp!