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  • In The End, Winning On And Off The Field

    This past Saturday, UP held it’s season ending event: UP Games.  Teams from UP communities from across the region came together at a field in suburban Tel Aviv for a day of game.  Players played as community teams against other communities.  This marked the end of a packed year where a dozen different communities had […]

  • My Ultimate Family

    The coaches with UP’s year round program are always an eclectic bunch. There are some transplants from the US, like myself. There are local Israeli born players. And there are the foreigners, the Americans and Europeans who are in the region temporarily for anywhere between two months to four years. These three groups come together to create a cadre of coaches who travel everywhere from Jericho to Tamra, from Binyamina to Ein Rafa, and many places in between. We drive together, coach together, gorge on humus and shwarma together. We share in the ups and downs of a yearlong program coaching in all these communities. We share stories of little kids with amazing forehands, or shy players coming out of their shells. This is a family that goes on a journey together.

  • Hat Tournament Creates Space

    I embarked on my first Ultimate Peace experience last weekend. This has been an organization with which I’ve been infatuated with since I heard about its launch in 2009. Middle Eastern conflict resolution was a smattering of oversimplified, idealistic theories I’d studied from a safe and privileged seat in an American classroom; and I’d heard […]

  • Summer Camp Beginnings

    Dani Glass writes about the ins and outs of getting Ultimate Peace’s summer camp up and started.

  • The Big Day

    Elliot Blumberg writes about disappearing anxieties and the excitement of meeting campers for the first time.